A weekend fossick in the country…

This weekend, we jumped in the car and decided to go for a rummage in the beautiful, rolling country hills an hour or so from the Blue Mountains. It was a crystal clear day, so we took the time to stop now and again and admire the scenery (so city slicker, right? Even the cows looked at us like we were idiots).

These types of trips are always really exciting to me – going out with no idea of what we will come home with, what new treasures we will go all giddy gaga eyes over. And we weren’t disappointed. Brass cranes, amber glass jugs and arcopal tea cups ended up nestled in with the CUTEST gem muffin tray, a Johnson Rose tea set and some amazing peach lustreware.

We found gems on the back of utes, down windy dirt roads, under inches of dust at an old vintage market and in independent charity shops with creaking Jarrah floors. After stopping into the pub for a lazy lunch it was time to head home – exhausted, elated and with the trunk bursting with treasure.

Here’s a few snaps from our travels – including a sneak peak of our super retro haul!

Until next time…

DSCF9589 DSCF9586 DSCF9583 DSCF9581 DSCF9571 DSCF9546 DSCF9545 DSCF9536 DSCF9533 DSCF9529


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