The accidental king and queen of retro

My Nonna’s house has always been the same as long as I can remember. Literally the same bed spreads, the same furniture, the same magnets on the fridge. And everything, absolutely, positively everything is in immaculate condition. It’s like stepping into a time capsule and getting out in 1975 in the middle of suburbia – and I love it.

The pride my grandparents take in all their belongings means that most of their things haven’t been replaced since they were first purchased. They have a Johnson Australia dinner set they still use. Their knives have pastel, multi coloured plastic handles. They have tea sets in the shapes of sausage dogs and horse & carriages and amber glass expresso sets from France. They have a collection of encyclopaedias still on display.

Add into to mix my Nonno’s novelty spoon collection, hung on the wall of the dining room, and the obligatory religious artefacts hanging over every bed  and doorway, and you’ve got the ultimate mix of kitsch meets hipster perfection. Somehow, after years of being outdated and behind with the times, my grandparents have now become the accidental king and queen of retro.

Here are a few quick snaps of some of my favourite features, the pieces that really fascinated me as child. Excuse some of the dodgy photography, I was doing this on the fly whilst simultaneously trying to refuse large amounts of food and dance sneakily around the topic of why I don’t have a boyfriend yet. It’s a balancing act that keeps us both on our toes and is great for testing mental strength.

Ciao for now x




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