Gingerbread Houses: A test of familial bonds

So, Christmas has now come and gone, leaving behind it two tell tale signs of it’s fleeting magic. One, my overstuffed belly which is making an excellent laptop stand, and two, a fine sheen of desiccated coconut snow scattered around the kitchen. This year, mum and I undertook something new – something scary but oh so alluring. Yep, the construction of a gingerbread house!

Now, before everyone gets het up about the fact we made a pre-made, store bought one over a homemade one – here is a few facts:

– We’ve never even attempted to make gingerbread before (but our muffins are bloody amazing), so we didn’t want to fall at the first hurdle.

– See point one.

So, with Xmas tunes cranking through the iPod, we set off on a journey of spearmints, snow men and self discovery. Things we learnt:

– Mum is a terrible piper. I love her to death, but it’s almost like she has the claw of a detoxing raven. Please see evidential pictures below of the roof – her piping is the top row, mine is below. Terrible.

– Little green balls are really hard to keep still, stick on, stay stuck on etc. Avoid at all costs.

– Frosting can give you the shakes if consumed in large quantities.

– For every error, there is a creative solution.

The last point really came into play when Mum, aka La Terrible Piper, decided she wanted to have a renegade go at window. Top line – good. Side lines, good. Bottom sill? Curved and drooping beyond recognition! Mum decided to distract the wily viewer by turning the dodgy window into a dodgy Santa face. She was very proud. So proud in fact, she didn’t want me to stand any of the gingerbread men in the way of her creation. She then ate one of the men when I wasn’t around. The whole thing had espionage written all over it.

Anyway, we made it through with a large amount of laughs, lots of shaking hands, snaked sweets and a few wines. It might not be the best looking house,but we were pretty proud. Maybe next year, we’ll make the base ourselves.

Wishing everyone a magical Xmas break x












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